2011 HOA Board Accomplishments

You will be pleased to note that through the due diligence on part of your Board during the past year, we have made a lot of progress on several items. Below is a summary of what we have accomplished through our Monthly Meetings.

  •    Budget 
  •         Managed expense items, checking accounts and CDs 
  •         Managed current business contracts for maintenance and services
  •         Reviewed current Profit and Loss statements
  •         Changed HOA Billing from Quarterly to Annually
  •    Conducted walk through of the community for repairs
  •    Walking path resurfaced
  •    Trash pickup in common area
  •    Inspected drainage and cleaned out debris for easier water flow
  •    Communication outlets
  •    Created and ongoing update to website (www.pembrookwoods.com)
  •    Created blog and Facebook site to increase communication between neighbors
  •    Created Quarterly Newsletter
  •    Organized and Held Annual HOA Meeting
  •    Selected new board members
  •    Reviewed and Approved several Homeowners requests
  •    Attended several Town meetings with commissioners, outgoing and incoming new
  •    Opened Brookfield Drive to Irishtown Road for outbound traffic
  •    Added new Children at Play sign: corner of Brookfield Drive and Stonewood Drive
  •    Added drainage stones along Tract Road in front of Neighborhood Sign
  •    Organized and Held Holiday Lights Contest