Notice of modification to HOA Guidelines

posted Oct 15, 2009, 1:21 PM by Kendall Moore   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 9:22 AM by Kendall Moore ]

Proposed addition of language to the Pembrook Woods Guidelines



Residents of Pembrook Woods are allowed to erect clotheslines on their properties as stated in Maryland Senate Bill 224. There will be no other restrictions on these clotheslines except for the following:

·         Clotheslines must be in the back yard of the property behind the house.

·         On a corner lot, the clothesline must be at least 15’ from the property line or if applicable the sidewalk facing the intersecting street to the street the house faces.

·         The clothesline equipment must be well- maintained. If the clothesline support structures fall into disrepair they are to be repaired within 30 days of notice by the HOA board or removed.

·         Clothes may be dried during daylight hours, but must be taken down in the evening and not left out overnight.



HOA Dues


 Change to the billing of the Pembrook Woods HOA dues.

        • All unpaid assessments from the past year or years will bear interest at a rate of 18.0 percent.
        • Billings will be done on an annual basis instead of a quarterly basis.
        • Billings will be mailed to residents on third Monday of January. 
        • February payment in full will be due on or before the third Monday of February.
        • March 1st all unpaid accounts for the current calendar year will be assessed a late fee equal to one tenth of the current Calendar year past due assessment.
        • April 1st liens will be filed against the property for all unpaid assessments and fees.