June 14th, 2012

Home Owners Association

Emmitsburg, Maryland


Dear Fellow Pembrook Woods Homeowners,

During the past week residents on Pembrook Ct. and Brookfield Dr. have observed roaming teenage groups in the neighborhood late at night, mostly between midnight and 3 a.m. Acts of minor vandalism have been noticed by residents: Street lights being turned off by teenagers, Plants that have been pulled out of the flowerbeds, Basketball hoops that have been turned over, Eggs thrown at houses, and other incidents. A Sheriff’s Officer that patrols the town told of an unverified possible robbery in the Carrick court area on Monday the 10th.

Groups of teens roaming the area is not a new development, but seems to be escalating and some residents are concerned that the late night behavior by teenage groups could suddenly turn malicious resulting in damaged property or danger to residents. At this time it is not apparent that the groups are necessarily made up of youngsters just from Pembrook Woods but could also be individuals from the surrounding town and other developments.

The HOA board believes the above behavior is unacceptable, could be dangerous to all of us in the community and must be addressed immediately. The Board held a special meeting with 2 town officials attending on Saturday morning.

Parts of the curfew law (Section 9.12.40 of the municipal code) are copied to the second page of this sheet. You can find the curfew law, as well as the entire Emmitsburg municipal code at the following URL: Please look here for updates on the subject:

If you observe suspicious activity you should call Law Enforcement at:

301.600.1046 This call will result in a dispatch of an officer to your location. Send an E-­‐Mail to: to voice a complaint to the town.

You can find the HOA Board E-­‐Mail at the following url:­‐us

You are encouraged to attend a town meeting at which the patrolling Sheriff officers

will be present. The meeting takes place this Monday, July 14th at 7:30 p.m.

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Section 9.12.040 -­‐ Juvenile curfew.

A. The purpose of this section is to:
(1)Promote the general welfare and protect the general public through the reduction of
juvenile violence and crime within the town of Emmitsburg;
(2)Promote the safety and well-­‐being of the town's youngest citizens, persons under the age of eighteen (18), whose inexperience renders them particularly vulnerable to becoming participants in unlawful activities, particularly unlawful drug activities, and to being victimized by older perpetrators of crime; and
(3)Foster and strengthen parental responsibility for children.
Definitions. As used within this section 9.12.040, the following words and phrases shall have
the meanings ascribed to them below:

"Curfew hours" refers to the hours of 11:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. on or during any day or days of the week.

H. Enforcement.

(1) Juveniles. Before taking any enforcement action hereunder, an officer shall make an immediate investigation for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the presence of a juvenile in a public place, motor vehicle and/or establishment within the town during curfew hours is in violation of this section.
a. If such investigation reveals that the presence of such juvenile is in violation of this section, then:
1. If the juvenile has not previously been issued a warning for any such violation, then the officer shall issue a verbal warning to the juvenile, which shall be followed by a written warning mailed by the officer or his police agency or department to the juvenile and his or her parent(s), or
2. If the juvenile has previously been issued a warning for any such violation, then the officer shall charge the juvenile with a violation of this ordinance and shall refer the juvenile to the local department of social services or the state department of juvenile services in accordance with Maryland law.
b. As soon as practicable, the officer shall:
1. Release the juvenile to his or her parent(s); or
2. Place the juvenile in a temporary care facility for a period not to exceed the remainder of the
curfew hours, so that his or her parent(s) may retrieve the juvenile; or
3. If a juvenile refuses to give an officer his or her name and address, refuses to give the name and address of his or her parent(s), or if no parent can be located prior to the end of the applicable curfew hours, or if located, no parent appears to accept custody of the juvenile, the juvenile may be taken to a non-­‐secure crisis center or juvenile shelter and/or may be taken to a judge, juvenile intake officer or district court commissioner to be dealt with in the manner and pursuant to such procedures as required by law.
c. No juvenile waiting in a temporary care facility, crisis center or juvenile shelter shall be handcuffed
and/or secured (by handcuffs or otherwise) to any stationary object.

(2) Others. If an investigation by an officer reveals that a person has violated subsections D, E, or F of this section, and if the person has not previously been issued a warning with respect to any such violation, an officer shall issue a verbal warning to the person, which shall be followed by a written warning mailed by the officer or his police agency or department to the person. If any such warning has previously been issued to that person, then the officer shall charge the person with a violation of this section.

I. A violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed five hundred

dollars ($500.00), imprisonment not to exceed ninety (90) days, or both.

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