January 9, 2015
To All of Our Neighbors,

      Happy New Year! For the upcoming 2015 year, the Board with the help of Clagett will focus on enforcing covenant compliance, promote community awareness and maintain the high standards within our community.

HOA Dues
     HOA Dues Reminder: The 2015 HOA dues of $271 are now due; a late fee will be assessed if not received by February 28th, 2015. 
         ********NOTE **********: Click HERE to pay online.

Community Awareness
     Just a reminder to be safety conscious concerning your homes and belongings. Times are tough for many due to the economy and we all need to follow common sense safety procedures. Keep an eye out for your neighbors’ properties as well. Watch for anything unusual and call the police if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Reported Incidents
  • Several homeowners reported kids targeting individuals with golf balls.
  • Several homeowners had their mailboxes vandalized, plants pulled up and thrown at the houses and outdoor water outlets turned on.
  • Animals / dogs getting into the trash left outside at the curb.
  • Parking on or near the swales. “The town has “No Parking” signs along the road and will be ticketing violators.”
  • Street Lamp along Brookfield Drive was knocked down and the driver left the scene; whereby the city was called to investigate.
  • Driving motorized vehicle along sidewalks and paths.
  • Items stolen from parked vehicles.

Safety Tips
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Get to know neighbors. Knowing who is supposed to be in your neighborhood is an important safety measure.
  • Always make sure all doors and windows are locked in your house and car.
  • When out shopping, try to park in well-lighted areas with good visibility close to walkways, stores and people.
  • Consider an alarm system for your home if you do not have one.
  • Never give out your personal information.
  • Do not open the door for someone you do not know.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave quickly.
  • Call 301-600-2071 or 911 if you notice suspicious activity or people and report it immediately

Pembrook Woods Website

Visit www.pembrookwoods.com to get community news, committee news and contacts, answers to common questions, HOA documents and other helpful information. Bear with us as we make the site more relevant and efficient!
  • Pembrook Woods Facebook: Share information with other neighbors and friends on our site. Home Owners Communications are often placed on this site.
  • HOA Documents Center: We have placed all of the HOA documents and forms on the website so that homeowners would have a centralized location for reference.
  • Numbers to Know: A “Need to Know” list of contacts and phone numbers of services or utilities.
  • Contact Us: Use the link on the website under Contact Us or the Suggestion Box; an email will be sent to us with your questions.
  • Architectural Guidelines: If you are making any improvement to your lot (deck, patio, or storage shed, clearing trees, etc.), please complete an Architectural Change Application (available online at www.pembrookwoods.com under the HOA Document Center. The File name is called: Architectural Change Request Form.pdf. There is also a calculation tool to assist in completing the Impermeable area, the file name is: Impermeablesurfaceanalysis.xlsx available on the website, or contact Elizabeth Betancourt at 301-695-6676 ext. 218 with questions.
  • Clothesline: Residents of Pembrook Woods are allowed to erect clotheslines on their properties as stated in Maryland Senate Bill 224. Please refer to the HOA Website for details.
  • Dog Ordinance: Please obey the roaming dog ordinance: It is the homeowner’s sole responsibility to adequately restrain pets. Several complaints recently resulted in periodic patrols by the city’s enforcement officer. We would truly hate to see our loyal pets picked up by Animal Control!
  • Parking / Violation of the Swales: We cannot stress it enough that parking along the street is strictly prohibited as well as driving through the swale. Damage to the swale that occurred from the result of such violation will be contributed to the homeowners neglect. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to enforce HOA’s rules with any and all guest. The HOA Board will monitor such violations and present a fine as well as the full cost of repair of the swale directly to the homeowner for reimbursement.
  • Pet Clean Up: When walking your animals in the neighborhood please remember that you are required to Clean-up behind your pets, under both county ordinance and HOA Covenants and Restrictions. Please, do not leave your dog’s droppings on our neighborhood grass or mulch and do not let them onto other homeowner’s property. This is common courtesy and common sense!
  • Property Care: Homeowners are responsible for the upkeep and care of their properties to maintain appearance as set forth in the Architecture Guidelines. You must keep your house, mailbox / post, your flowerbeds and your lawn neat, orderly, and well maintained.
    • Landscaping Maintenance Quick Reference Guide & Homeowner Maintenance Tips (Visit the following site for additional details: www.pembrookwoods.com/resource-center)
    • Seasonal Gardening guide can be found under: http://www.pembrookwoods.com/announcements/the-gardner-s-guide-planting-cleaning-schedule
  • Speed Limit: The speed limit is 15 mph throughout the community. Please be careful driving in our neighborhood as we have lots of children. Drive slowly and be alert for children crossing the street.
  • Streetlight Outages: Street light outages can be reported to Town of Emmitsburg (301) 600-6300. Most streetlights have numbers on a metal plate on the pole. This number or the nearest address must be provided to report an outage.
  • Trash Cans & Recycling Bins: The board respectfully asks all homeowners, to please wait until the day of trash or re-cycle pickup to take containers to the street and to also cover the containers in a way that does not allow wind or animals to access the contents.

Best Regards,
THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS / Clagett Management
Kendall Moore,
Jan 16, 2015, 8:32 AM