From:  The HOA Board of Directors of Pembrook Woods.

To:                   All Pembrook Woods Homeowners.


August 9th, 2011


Dear Neighbors,

Due to concerns expressed by a number of homeowners during the past year plus observations by board members regarding loose paper and trash found on streets and property, the board is bringing your attention to Paragraph E. on Page 29 in Section 8 of Article VII of the Declaration of Covenants we have all agreed to that states:

“E.  Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view, except on days of trash collection. No incinerator shall be kept or maintained upon any Lot. Garbage, trash and other refuse shall be placed in tightly covered containers.”

The board respectfully asks all homeowners who do now do so, to please wait until the day of trash or re-cycle pickup to take containers to the street and to also cover the containers in a way that does not permit wind or animals to access the contents.


A non-legal copy of the Covenant and bylaws and the Architectural Guidelines are available from the HOA Board’s secretary.  If you would like a copy, please send an email to John Marsh at     The copy of the Covenant is word for word with the original, but does not contain signature pages or maps.


The Annual Meeting of the Homeowners Association has been scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 22nd 2011.  Please put a note on your calendar to attend this meeting if possible.  The board has approved a change in the method of collecting the annual HOA dues and will announce the change at this meeting.


Best Regards,


Your HOA Board

Paul Hendrickson, Pres.

Kendall Moore, VP

John Marsh, Sec.

Mike Hoffman, Treas.

Sandra Isaacson

Ed Brogden