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Ask a Gardening Expert

Have a plant or pest question? University of Maryland Extension’s experts have answers!

Please enter as much detail in your question as possible to help us serve you better. In the description of your plant problem include relevant details such as:

  • Name, age and/or size of plant
  • When was the problem was first noted
  • What part of the plant is affected?
  • Have symptoms progressed or changed?
  • Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.)
  • Soil problems (compacted soil, construction activity, poor drainage)
  • Pesticide and fertilizer applications

Photos (jpg, png, or gif files, maximum size of 5MB each and in focus) are very helpful!

  • Include an object (ruler/coin) to indicate scale, especially important for insect ID.
  • Tree and shrub photos should include a 12-24” branch with leaves, flowers, fruit or seed pods  as well as a photo of entire plant, if possible.
  • Flowers, weeds, and other herbaceous plant photos should show entire plant, preferably with flowers or seed heads.
  • Descriptions should include age, size and source (if known) of plant; color, aroma, and time of flowering; fruit, cone, etc.
  • If seeking disease or insect diagnosis, photos should show transition from healthy to affected plant material.

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