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Welcome to Pembrook Woods HOA Document Center, where you can view documents for your community. We are a unique neighborhood with respect to our Homeowners Association. When you purchased your home, the contract you signed contained a clause requiring mandatory membership in such an association. You were given a Declaration of that Covenant (Conditions and Restrictions), which by signing your sales contract and closing documents, you agreed to. It would be for all of us to review this very important document and our responsibilities to our neighbors and this association.

Not only does it tell us what we must do, but what we cannot do concerning improvements and general upkeep with respect to our parking, placement of trash receptacles, pets and general appearance of our individual homes. This covenant spells out in detail these conditions plainly for all of us, so take a moment to review each page.


Seller disclosure requirements provide that the seller is responsible for providing the buyer with a certified set of documents for the Association (Resale Package).  You, your Realtor, the Lender, and the Settlement Agent should access the website to obtain the resale package, payoff request, lender information, and other information at:  www.homewisedocs.com

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